Balcony Inspections

Balconies at hotels, apartment buildings, and other public properties are required to be inspected if the structure is three or more stories tall.

Balcony Inspections

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Balcony Inspections

Commercial Balcony Inspections
Balcony Inspections
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In the state of Florida, balconies at hotels, apartment buildings, and other public properties are required to be inspected if the structure is three or more stories tall. The professionals at Certified Inspections can provide thorough balcony inspections. While inspections do not protect property owners from litigation in the event that balcony failures cause injury or death, they do help reduce the risk of accidents by ensuring the structure and safety features are properly maintained. The top causes of injuries associated with balconies include the following:

  • Safety railing failure
  • Structural failure
  • Improper construction or fastening
  • Wood rot or metal deterioration
  • Overloading the weight limit/capacity

When a Balcony Inspection is Required?

​If one or more of the following are true of your property, it’s time to have one of our qualified and experienced inspectors visit your property:

  • The building is three or more stories tall
  • The balcony/structure is more than 17 feet above grade
  • It has been three years since the last inspection
  • Change in building ownership occurs

Our Expert Balcony Inspection Include

  • Certified Inspectors will perform Balcony Inspections that comply with State requirement DBPR-HR-7020 "Division of Hotels and Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection."
  • Our Inspectors will visually inspect the balconies, including decking, wall attachments, ledger boards, railings and fasteners.  In addition, all stairwell railings will be inspected.
  • The inspector will note the total number of units inspected as well as the total number of deficiencies.
  • We will provide a general description of the types of deficiencies, and then it is the responsibility of the owner to make the repairs and have the Inspector re-evaluate the property.
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