Private Water Well Testing

Private water well testing is about performing routine water quality tests and maintaining the quality of your ground water system.

Private Water Well Testing

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Private Water Well Testing

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We have a lot of ground water in Florida. Ground water fills the cracks and pores in sand, soil, and rocks that lie beneath our state. These saturated layers of earth are called aquifers, and they are the primary source of drinking water in Florida.

Due to its protected location underground, most ground water is naturally clean and free of contaminants. Unfortunately, Florida's ground water can become contaminated by chemicals and microbes that can cause illness. Bacteria and nitrate can reach the ground water and wells through poorly maintained septic systems, livestock areas and fertilizer application, or as a result of poorly constructed wells. Chemicals can enter into the ground water from leaking gasoline storage tanks, pesticide applications, landfills, and improper disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes.

​As a private well owner, you should be aware of these potential risks to the ground water and your household water supply. Call us at (561) 570-6311 to schedule an appointment to to have your ground water tested by one of our experts.​

Do you have a well?

About 88% of Florida's residents are served by public water systems covered by the Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Acts. The other 12% receive their water from "limited-use" public water systems and private wells.

​While all public water systems in Florida are required to perform routine testing to ensure that they meet state drinking water standards, private well owners are responsible for ensuring that their OWN well water is safe to drink.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that consumption of contaminated drinking water in the United States has resulted in thousands of cases of illness each year. Contaminated drinking water can cause a number of diseases, and is sometimes fatal. The most common contaminants are microbes and nitrate.

Guide to Your Well

​Microbes: Many types of bacteria themselves are generally not harmful, but their presence is an indication that other harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites may also be present. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are some of the most common symptoms resulting from drinking water that is contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Nitrate: High levels of Well Owners Guide nitrate in drinking water can pose an immediate threat to infant children. When consumed, nitrate is known to react with hemoglobin in the blood causing an anemic condition known as the "blue baby syndrome."

To ensure that your private water supply is safe and healthy, you should understand the importance of maintaining your own well and water system and performing routine water quality tests.

Water Well Testing

To keep your well water clean and your well operating at peak performance, regular water testing is an important  maintenance tool. Private well owners are solely responsible for the quality of their drinking water. So it is up to you, the
well owner, to decide when and how to test your water.

Recommended Testing

At a minimum, your water should be tested every year for bacteria, the most common water quality problem. Other tests may be required depending on where you live and what is located near your water supply. For example, if your well is in an area of intensive agricultural use, test for nitrates and the pesticides commonly used in that region. If household tests of radon in the air are high, test for radon in water. If you have problems with taste, odor, staining or color of your water, then test levels of iron, manganese and sulfate. Testing more than once a year may be warranted in special situations:

  • someone in your household is pregnant or nursing
  • there are unexplained illnesses in the family
  • your neighbors find a dangerous contaminant in their water
  • you note a change in water taste, odor, color or clarity
  • there is a spill of chemicals or fuels into or near your well.

While bacteria and nitrate are the most common threats to your drinking water, your water well may also be susceptible to other contaminants. Depending on past and present land-use activities or other sources of contamination in your neighborhood, additional water tests may be recommended.

​Call us at (561) 570-6311 to discuss your specific concerns with our professional and schedule an appointment to have your ground water tested.​


Homeowners Guide to Your Well
Guide to Your Well
Well Brochure for Realtors
Well Brochure for Realtors

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