Commercial Seawall

Original South Florida seawalls are nearing the end of their lifespan and condominiums are exposed to millions in property damage.

Commercial Seawall

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Commercial Seawall & Dock Inspections

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Almost all of the condominium waterfront properties in South Florida (canal-front, bay-front, river-front) are protected by seawalls or bulkheads which were installed by the original developer or a marine contractor. Most of the original commercial seawalls in South Florida are nearing the end of their useful lives or have been replaced.  Certified Inspectors is expert in problems with condominium association seawall, and information regarding the repair and replacement of commercial seawall. In addition, our Certified Master Inspectors have extensive knowledge on how to prolong the useful life of a commercial seawall or bulkhead, and thus postpone the expense of major repairs or replacement. ​​Call us at (561) 570-6311 to schedule an appointment to have your seawall inspected by one of our Certified Master Inspectors.

What's Included in a Seawall Inspection?

Our Commercial Seawall Inspection is one of the most complete underwater seawall inspections in the Market. Our scope will involve the following:

  1. First we will measure and draw a map of your seawall.
  2. We will describe to you the type of Seawall or marine construction that you have. T-Pile, Coral Rock, King Pile, Aluminum, or Wood Seawall.
  3. We will assess the landside for signs of erosion, soil de-stabilization, and structural deterioration.
  4. We will inspect the seawall components, including but not limited to the seawall cap, bulkhead, panels, pilings, footings, and any other components which is visible from the landside of the structure.
  5. We will scuba dive or free dive the bottom and assess the seawall cap, bulkhead, panels, pilings, footings, and any other components which is visible from the water side of the structure.
  6. We will take extensive photos and record underwater video of the seawall or dock to show you what he sees in a report that you can access online.
  7. We will mark the wall with flags and spray paint the areas that needs to be maintained or repaired. We will remove the flags or spray paint from the structure.
  8. We will draw a map with approximate location of the deficiencies found and include it as part of the report.
  9. We will report on the evidence of structural deterioration, failure, or inadequacy in the seawall structural components below land side and waterside grade.
  10. We will provide all equipment necessary for professional underwater seawall inspection including diving gear, scuba tanks, air, and tools that are commonly part of INSPETOR's toolbox.
  11. Our inspectors are qualified Dive Master with 15 years of Construction and Diving Experience.
  12. We will provide evidence of General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation, E&O, as well as Commercial Auto Insurance.
  13. We will offer an opinion as to the structural adequacy, life expectancy, or expansion potential of any seawall but customers are advised to seek opinion in writing from a qualified marine engineer.
  14. We may also recommend dock inspection. Dock Inspections are separate price.
  15. We WILL NOT dig or otherwise unearth tie-backs, anchors, retaining walls or seawall components below land side or waterside grade.
  16. We WILL NOT determine the capacity of boat lifts.
  17. We WILL NOT inspect adjoining or contiguous seawall systems or storm sewers projecting through the bulkhead.

​The costs involved in repairing or replacing commercial seawalls can be substantial.

  • Condominium Associations in beautiful South Florida need to inspect their seawalls regularly.
  • Most condominium seawalls in South Florida ere built in early 50's and if they are not crumbling, they need to be maintained to prevent collapse and major expense.
  • Our Seawall Inspectors offers yearly maintenance inspection services for seawalls without the conflict of interest commonly known of marine contractors in South Florida.
  • We are often retained by Condo Boards, Marine Contractors, and even Structural Engineers to inspect Seawalls and Docks because they know we have no stake in their seawall.
  • Our Commercial underwater seawall inspections are performed by Certified Dive Masters with years of seawall construction experience and training.

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