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Flood Zone Determination

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Flood Zone Determination Report

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Why you need an Official Flood Determination in South Florida?

Flood risk is a topic that causes a lot of concern and confusion in South Florida. Properties are often mis-identified and free, unofficial online tools are being used too frequently in an attempt to assess flood risk.  Real estate owners, buyers, sellers and agents need to confirm or challenge real estate flood status with an official, certified and insured Flood Zone Determination Report that delivers pinpoint accuracy, absolute visual clarity as to the location of a structure in relation to high-risk flood zones, expert support and guidance

​Certified Inspectors has partnered with Western Technologies Group, LLC (WTG), an industry leader in structure-based Flood Zone Determinations, to deliver comprehensive Flood Zone Determination Reports to our clients when they need it the most: during the inspection timeframe.  ​

Flood Determination by WTG
Flood Determination by WT

​Why a Certified Flood Report Should Be Ordered through us, at the time of your home inspection?

​Flood Determinations are often ordered at an inconveniently late point in a real estate transaction or not at all. Confirm the true flood status of any structure early in the process to address potential flood issues at the most pivotal time in a contract.

​1. ​Have Clear Information Early In The Buying Process

​​Buyers and sellers can benefit from the advantage of time. Obtaining detailed, accurate information on a property early can help all parties:

  • Evaluate cost of flood insurance and impact to buyers’ debt to income ratio
  • Negotiate additional contract terms based on outcome of flood report
  • Pursue options for mitigation (with complete guidance from our team)

2. ​Stay On Top Of FEMA Flood Map Changes

​Thousands of new maps continue to be issued, affecting properties nationwide both positively and negatively. Even Preliminary Maps (proposed future maps) can impact a current real estate purchase.

3. ​Avoid Unreliable and Unofficial Resources

  • Free online resources are frequently inaccurate and feature disclaimers
  • Elevation Certificates, LOMAs and Preliminary Maps not accounted for
  • Free online resources lack clarity, reliability and support

4. ​Accuracy, Protection and Support = Confidence

Move forward through the process with confidence, with high-quality information from the industry’s top flood determination provider. We deliver:

  • Superior accuracy of data and depth of information.
  • Clear visual maps, including FEMA Current and Preliminary Map overlays
  • Clarity on structure location in relation to Special Flood Hazard Areas
  • Insured protection
Official Flood Certificate
Official Flood Determination

The Risk of Unofficial or Free Flood Certificates

Flood Insurance requirements and rates are dictated by the location of a habitable structure (a dwelling) in relation to the Special Flood Hazard Area (high-risk zone). Industry standard reporting and unofficial, free resources can be inaccurate and do not give the clarity needed.  Securing an official structure-based flood zone determination at the time of a home inspection enables borrowers, sellers, agents or other real estate professionals to understand and mitigate any real flood risks and related costs during the most important time of a contract.

​Our home inspection report will be enhanced with the option to include a certified, insured and structure-based Flood Zone Determination at a low cost at the time you order a home inspection.

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