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Infrared Inspections - Level 1 & 2 Certified Thermographer

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Building Repairs and Infrared Inspections

​​Without inspecting your building’s roof, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, building envelope, and ensuring the health of your building’s visitors, you could be exposing your business to a tremendous amount of risk, including unexpected repairs, high equipment repair costs, and possible fires in your building. To avoid costly repairs and fires in your building you need Certified Inspectors high resolution infrared inspection services. Certified Inspectors employs expert, certified infrared inspectors, uses the most advanced infrared inspection technology, and operates under the standards set forth by the world’s leading organizations. This is what makes us South Florida's premier infrared inspection service provider. Call us at (561) 570-6311 to schedule an appointment to have your property inspected by one of our Level 2 Certified Infrared Thermographers.

Our Infrared Inspections

  • Increase your building’s safety
  • Decrease your repair costs
  • Prevent fire in your building
  • Reduce the risk of catastrophic equipment failure
  • Reduce downtime of your equipment
  • Prevent damage to your equipment
  • Increase your equipment’s lifespan
  • Decrease your insurance costs

Re-Innovation of Thermal Imaging Technology

We have the latest Infrared Imagers with Artificial Intelligence, Super High Resolution for Superior Imaging, TurboFocus for Boosted Performance. "Temperature measurement" and "imaging" are the two core functions of quality infrared imager. Our systems offer solid infrared technology focusing on accurate temperature measurement and infrared imaging. We bring a breakthrough innovative technology – “MagicThermal” Multi-color Dynamic. This function allows advanced imaging performance under complex diagnoses and superior in-picture smart isolation of hot-spots for easy live analysis of areas of interest.

Magic Thermal On
Magic Thermal On

Magic Thermal On
Magic Thermal Off

Infrared Inspections Offered

Read below to find out which infrared inspection is right for your building:

Infrared Electrical Inspections

Infrared electrical inspections can help assess energized electrical systems so that hidden defects can be safely repaired before major damage occurs. Facilities who use this service avoiding unscheduled downtime, equipment failure, and building fires.

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Infrared Roof Moisture Detection

Infrared moisture inspections are the most effective way to locate and document water intrusion for the majority of roofing systems. Our infrared technology save you money by preventing unnecessary repairs and premature roof replacements.

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Infrared Mechanical Inspections

Leaking Air conditioning and ductwork are responsible for large portion of a electrical costs. By performing regular infrared mechanical inspections on your air conditioning equipment you can improve the safety and performance of your home.

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Infrared Building Envelope

Infrared building envelope inspection detects leaks and moisture buildup in building’s walls, roof, and foundation that can’t be seen with the naked eye. If left unchecked, these damages represent a major threat to your building and its inhabitants.

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Infrared Insulation Inspection

Poor insulation is the leading cause of wasted energy and high electrical bills. Our high resolution infrared technology will show you precisely where your insulation is deficient so you can take action by replacing or installing additional insulation. Most of our customers will see a 20-30% decrease in their electrical expense after implementing our recommendations.

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Infrared Predictive Maintenance Program

Our predictive maintenance program is a proactive approach to infrared inspection that covers all of your infrared testing and inspection needs, allowing you to spend less time and money on “reactive” maintenance costs, and greatly reducing your energy loss, risk of fire, and unnecessary equipment failures.

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